The Night Pirates



Rough, tough little girl pirates.

With their own pirate ship.

A ship set for sailing.

A ship off on adventures. 

Nick Brooke Ltd and Rose Theatre Kingston present, The Night Pirates.

Adapted from the best-selling children’s book by Peter Harris and Deborah Allwright, The Night Pirates tells the tale of a group of little girl pirates who descend on a young boy called Tom at bedtime. Eager to join the pirate adventure, Tom uses his house as a pirate ship and sets sail to retrieve stolen treasure from Captain Patch and the bumbling grown-up pirates.

Adapted and directed by Miranda Larson, this show combines original songs and swashbuckling adventures, suitable for any budding young pirate!

Text copyright © Peter Harris 2007

Cover illustration copyright © Deborah Allwright 2007

Published by Egmont UK Ltd