Fuel, in association with Stratford Circus Arts Centre, presents

Gyre & Gimble’s

The Hartlepool Monkey

Written by Carl Grose

An adventure story for sea dogs and landlubbers, children and adults alike.

A French ship runs aground off the coast of England. Only a cabin girl and the ship’s mascot, a chimpanzee, survive and make it to shore. But the townsfolk mistake the monkey, in its military uniform, for a spy, and condemn him to a life-or-death trial. What will the verdict be – and can the local children save the day?

The legend of The Hartlepool Monkey has survived the test of time, capturing the imagination of people of all ages for over 200 years, and landing here, on the shores of the 21st century, more relevant than ever.  A boisterous crew tell this timely tale through spirited sea shanties and mischievous puppetry from Gyre & Gimble, original puppeteers on War Horse and the team behind Running Wild.

For adults and children, families and schools. Age: 10+

The Hartlepool Monkey – Family workshop

Fuel and Gyre and Gimble are giving you the chance to learn more about the show and make your own monkey puppet. Join us at Turner Contemporary on 11 November at 2pm for this fascinating free workshop for the whole family.

What to expect:

Make your Own Monkey Puppet - Family workshop - Up to 25 participants - Ages 10+ - Approx. 90 minutes

In groups of 3, families will have the opportunity to make a chimp puppet using the Gyre and Gimble technique.

Reserve your place - Tickets are FREE and can be booked via Margate Winter Gardens Box office on 01843 292795 or online

Plus, Anyone attending the workshop will be given the option of buying £5* tickets for the show that evening.

SOLD OUT: Free* Workshop at Turner Contemporary

*Booking fees for Free Workshop – None per ticket in person/phone. £1.50 per ticket online

Teachers, get download your free PDF educational resource pack using the button >>>