Shivers – Stories from the Book of Darkness & Light

A trio of delightfully thrilling ghost stories, set to the haunting sounds of the violin.

After their first visit to Margate last November with “The Book of Darkness & Light”, the Storyteller and the Musician return with their brand-new ghost stories show, Shivers.

The Book of Darkness & Light contains within it some of the most chilling tales ever told.
As the haunting sounds of the violin fill the air, something stirs from the pages.

You feel a prickle on your neck.

Your blood stills.

A monstrous thing creeps in the shadows.

Is it all in your mind? Tricks of the light? Or something far more sinister?
One thing is for certain: these stories will give you shivers.

After two national tours of their first show, writer/performer Adam Z Robinson and musician Ben Styles return with three all-new tales of terror.

Shivers is a co-production with Square Chapel Arts Centre Halifax, Harrogate Theatres and LittleMighty.

“The music heightens the suspense in the room as Robinson draws the audience into his narrative web.” – StageTalk Magazine on The Book of Darkness & Light

“The tales transfixed both me and the rest of the audience as we sat enthralled” – The Culture Vulture

Stories written and performed by Adam Z. Robinson

Music composed and performed by Ben Styles

Dramaturgy by Dick Bonham

Produced by LittleMighty

The stories in Shivers contain moments of shock, tension and horror themes. The show is not suitable for younger children. The responsibility for any children present rests entirely with their parent/guardian. These stories may also be unsuitable people of a nervous disposition.