What is Roundabout?

Roundabout is the world’s first pop-up, plug-and-play theatre. It flat packs into a lorry and pops up all over the country in theatres, school halls, warehouses, sports centres, town centres, car parks and fields.

Roundabout needs no special skills to assemble. Anyone can help put it up, the only tool you need is an Allen key. No piece of the auditorium takes more than two people to carry
and can be powered from 13amp plug sockets, so the whole theatre runs off the same power supply as your kettle. It uses state-of-the-art LED lighting technology to minimise energy consumption.

What is Roundabout Festival?

A unique, intimate pop-up theatre coming to Margate. You’ll be seated around the stage with a great view of the actors. Roundabout combines comfortable seating with cutting edge sound and lighting technology to create an unmissable theatrical experience. You can read more about Roundabout here.

We spent four years developing Roundabout before its launch in 2014. We built it because we’re passionate about new plays and we want as many people
as possible to be able to see them.

We know that many places in the country don’t have theatres. Now we can take a theatre to them.
We’re proud to present outstanding plays by some of the nation’s finest writers in Roundabout, along with fantastic local companies, artists and musicians.
Everywhere it pops up Roundabout brings a festival of brand new plays, live music, comedy and anything else we dream up.

What People are saying:

“Paines Plough’s travelling Roundabout Auditorium is probably the loveliest venue at the Fringe.” - The List
‘‘A national tour should brighten many hundreds of lives, young and old.” -


Roundabout Festival 2017, Margate, Theatre Royal