Lakin McCarthy 

Mark Thomas – A Show that Gambles on the Future 

“Sold Out completely at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival”

Few predicted the events of 2016. And even fewer seem to know where we are going. Mark Thomas sets out to discover what the future has in store for us by collecting and examining his own predictions and those of his audiences before gambling on their outcome.

By making futurologists of us all, he will create a fantastical, hilarious and possibly accurate vision of the world. And maybe even make a few quid on the side. 

On the night you get to predict the future!

“The pollsters, the media, experts and the vast majority of politicians have proved incapable of predicting events, so I thought maybe we should have a go. 

“During the show, we are going to forecast the future AND put a bet on it.  

“What do you have to do? 

“If you would be kind enough to spend a few minutes to make a forecast, what do you think could happen in the next four years? 

“It can be political, cultural, personal, stupid, clever, obvious, obscure, local. Anything.

“Your forecast can be about language or pop music. It could be about foreign policy or beer. All you have to do is make a forecast that has a measurable outcome, something we can put a bet on.

“Thank you and as always, much love.”  – Mark

Photo Credit: Jane Hobson