10 Years of Inspiration

Inspiration Inclusive

Inspiration Inclusive Youth Theatre brings together children with and without disabilities to work together on arts projects including BSL. The BBC’s Children in Need Charity fund the project, helping it reach many children within the local community.

This special event marks the tenth anniversary of this Inspiring, unique group which has now partnered with Inspiration Creative C.I.C. (offering projects with the same ethos to a broader age range).

This show is a range musical theatre pieces and would like to welcome you either as newcomers or as old friends to join us in the celebration.

As part of the celebrations, there will be a showcase of digital performances developed in workshops with local art group Genetic Moo.

Genetic Moo is exploring ways to use movement capture on stage using their interactive program “Upstage” and they have been working with Inspiration Inclusive Youth Theatre to test out the new technology.

The project is being supported by seed funding from Spare Tyre, as part of their 40th birthday celebrations, and Kent County Council.

A Local Production.