Paines Plough Presents…

Every Brilliant Thing

The worldwide smash hit is back on tour.

You’re seven years old. Mum’s in hospital. Dad says she’s ‘done something stupid’. She finds it hard to be happy.

You make a list of everything that’s brilliant about the world.

Everything worth living for.

  1. Ice cream
  2. Water fights
  3. Staying up past your bedtime and being allowed to watch TV
  4. The colour yellow
  5. Things with stripes
  6. Rollercoasters
  7. People falling over

A play about depression and the lengths we go to for those we love.

Based on true and untrue stories.

“Heart-wrenching, hilarious…possibly one of the funniest plays you’ll ever see, full stop.” – ★★★★ The Guardian

“Dual interest in joy and sorrow… a perfect balance.” – ★★★★ The Independent

“Absurdly cherishable…fantastically likeable.” – ★★★★ The Sunday Times

“A piece that demonstrates why life is worth living… you’ll leave feeling elated.” – ★★★★ The Scotsman

“Immensely likeable…with great sensitivity behind the abundant laughs.” – ★★★★ Evening Standard

“Both serious and hilarious… a heartwarming show.” – ★★★★ Financial Times

“Funny, clever, and surprisingly uplifting.” – ★★★★ The Telegraph

“Filled to the brim with joy…beautiful, heart wrenching and very funny.” – ★★★★ Time Out London

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