“Luca Cupani: It’s me!
Not overly interested in the biggest problems of the world, Luca focuses on an easier question: who am I? With the help of science, astrology and religion, the Italian award-winning comedian who was too funny for his country might even find an answer!”

Francesco De Carlo:  Comfort Zone

The award-winning Italian comedian returns with a brand new show about life outside your comfort zone. Politics, people and what you discover when you leave your sofa to become a foreigner. Toured with Comedy Sans Frontieres alongside Eddie Izzard and Dylan Moran. Supported Tommy Tiernan on his UK 2016 tour. As seen on Unspun with Matt Forde (Dave).

“English may not be his first language… but he is fluent in comedy” ★★★★ – ThreeWeeks.

“If I was an Italian comedian performing in English, I would want to be as funny as Francesco De Carlo” – Eddie Izzard