Circus Trick Tease presents

Children are Stinky

High Brow Toilet Humour For Kids

Fresh from Edinburgh Fringe with five stars and The Children’s Choice award, Children are Stinky is an exciting new comedy by Circus Trick Tease.
High calibre circus, a rocking soundtrack, and genuine belly laughs have propelled these stinkers onto sold-out shows every single season. Suitable for ages 3-12, this “supercharged showstopper” (Adelaide Advertiser)  will delight adults and children alike.

April Dawson and Kyle Raftery deliver a powerhouse of circus talent. Expect daredevil stunts, incredible acrobatics, lighting fast hula hoops, and loads of laughs. Sleek stagecraft combined with mischievous fun leave audiences wondering “how is that even possible?” (Daniel, Age 7)

‘Children are Stinky’ is hands down the most spectacular reverse psychology experiment you have ever seen.

The duo’s attempts to prove that kids are stinky are met with messy, ridiculous, hysterical twists. They only succeed in proving that children are awesome…and they know it!

Set in the 1990’s, in-jokes and cleverly choreographed nostalgic mash-up hooks parents in for a rollicking trip down memory lane. This enjoyable family show encourages children to be proud of themselves and their stinkyness!

“This show has it all”THE LIST

★★★★★ Families UK

★★★★★ Fringe Biscuit

★★★★★ Planet Arts

★★★★★ Ed festival for kids

★★★★★ Fringe Review.

WINNERS – Edinburgh Fringe Children’s Choice Award – 2016

WINNERS – Adelaide Fringe Best Children’s Show weekly Award 2017

WINNERS – Fringe World Best Children’s Show 2018